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Our purpose? To supply collectors of action figures with a comprehensive guide to acquiring, organizing, caring for, and selling these prized collectibles. Regardless of your needs, Action Figure Collector is dedicated to providing you with an invaluable resource. Everything you need to find the best services, such as appraisals and consignment, rare collections, and want lists.

If you collect TV show action figures like Family Guy or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you are in good company. We also LOVE G.I. Joe, figures such as the 3 ¾ inch and the 12 inch, and also like GI Joe vehicles. It’s always good to also get accessories, weapons packs and instruction manuals for them.

Some of our favorite action figures include DC Comic Superheroes and Marvel Superheroes. If you like to collect comic books, definitely check out MetropolisComics.com to buy the original first appearances of comic characters like Wolverine, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and a myriad of other characters who made their debut between 1938 – 1975 in the Golden Age, Silver Age and Bronze Age of comics.  If you are interested in auctioning comic books, also be sure to checkout ComicConnect.com. They are the company that set the Guinness World Record for selling the most expensive comic book, Superman’s first appearance in Action Comics #1 for $1.5 Million.
Toy robots are fun, like Transformers Generation 1 and Transformers Generation 2, with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave stealing our hearts. We enjoy convention toy exclusives from Botcon, and also like the waves of toys from Beast Wars and Cybertron.

Other action figures that we like: Star Wars!  Especially the mint in box Star Wars action figures of Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader.
Other fantastic  collecting niches are McFarlane toys (KISS, Halo Sports and Spawn), the old MEGO and NECA toys.

Japanese toys and anime figures are cool.  We like vinyl figures like Kubrick and Hello Kitty. Old school Micronauts are also neat.
Masters of the Universe He-Man and Thundercats have a special place in our heart. Simpsons and Action Man are great as are Stickfas action figures, Gundam & Dragon Ball Z. Again, always look for action figures that are in an unopened box in C10 condition, or C8-9 Near Mint Conidition.
Last but not least, Bowen statues and other busts are also considered great toys.

Do you want to sell your Silver Surfer figure on eBay? Do you have an Iron Man, Hulk, or Punisher model that you need to have appraised? Perhaps you've been looking for a Spiderman figurine, Batman and Batmobile model, or a rare Uncanny X-Men set and you can't find the right auction? Look no further. Action Figure Collector to the rescue!